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When he was only six years old, Sébastien attended the conservatory of Savigny-sur-Orge, France, studying music theory and the piano with Danièle Arpajou,an internationally renowned pianist and performer. In 2005, he successfully completed his classical music education at the conservatory.

Particularly interested in the blend of music and images, Sébastien started taking soundtrack composition classes with Xavier Descarpentries at ATLA, a school of contemporary music. There, in the heart of Paris, he learned Computer-Assisted Music for composing over images, working on short and feature-length films as well as documentaries, video games, websites, advertising jingles and background music.

The following years in order to widen his musical vocabulary, he will receive in the same school a training for 'performer musician of modern music', the piano class was taught by Gilles Erhart, the Harmony one by Derek Sébastian. These couple of years will give him a certified title/diploma from the MIMA/FNEIJMA.

He co-created Cinema Concerto with Johann Bollenbach, a director and friend. Original mute films are projected with the music played live. The show was played in Italy, France, Czech Republic, Denmark and Germany and the short films were projected in Senegal, Brazil and Canada. The show is still growing.

Sebastien is an extremely motivated and productive musician. He is pursuing his musical career with dedication. If you are thinking of working on a project with him , you can contact him at any time.

Short films

  • Encore (march 2008) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Une Nuit Dans l’Allée du Crime (june 2008) by Brice Triquet
  • Passage(s) (march 2009) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Un Temps Peri (december 2009) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Tension (may 2009) by Louis Devaux
  • Viaggio (august 2009) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Perception (january 2010) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Nuit de Veille (september 2010) by Maël Rannou
  • Souffleur de verre (december 2010) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Tempi Scapati (february 2011) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Euphorie (may 2011) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Dedicot Tuki (february 2012) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Acqua Vita: Gantiakh (march 2012) by Johann Bollenbach


  • À la découverte des métiers d’art (september 2011) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Djoudj (january 2012 for the TV: Canal Infos News) by Johann Bollenbach
  • La Sicile (august 2012) by Johann Bollenbach
  • Christiania: a free way of life (january 2013) by Johann Bollenbach
  • The Dumb Waiter (february 2013 for the theatre) by Harold Pinter, direction: Christopher Mastropietro)


  • Ex-Pression-Libre (april 2011) by Justin Le Metay